Friday, October 20

The mystery guy in the love triangle Wanda mentioned has got to be Greg. They said he was coming back in a suprising way, well that would be kinda suprising. Don't ya think?

Wanda's spoilers (if you haven't read them already): Ben and Felicity are going to be together for a long time (Yes, he does forgive her for that nasty Jell-O-shooter-induced sleepover with frat-guy Randy). Still, you're going to see some lingering looks and flirting that definitely leaves the Noel/Feli door open. Molly's a British girl, a free spirit who will spice up the show. She's got a nasty habit (that sounds a lot like the feminine form of hero) that will land her at AA meetings with Ben (he's going because of his Pa). Tyra Banks's character will be part of a love triangle involving Noel and another NYU guy (he's a familiar face). Guesses? Molly will hook up with a new character who's a horrible influence on her.

Is anyone reading this? I'm just curious. EMAIL ME!

The ratings for 10/18 from Zap 2 It: At 8 p.m., The WB's "Dawson's Creek" had it's own perfect storm, grabbing a 4.8/8 (4.9/7), followed by "Felicity," 3.5/6 (4.7/7). Let's hope things pick up.

My computer isn't the most reliable machine, sorry for the lack of posts. How great was Wednesday's show? Despite the fact that the video footage is getting annoying (how long are they going to keep it up? not all season I hope.) I love this episode. I am pissed that Julie is leaving, she gave two excellent performances (Amy Jo is truely talented). The fight with Felicity and Ben was great and I was in tears when she gave her farewell speech. Damn those people for making her leave. I also loved seeing more of Sean and Meghan (although the storyline was pretty weak), are they going to have Sean be an annoying voice trying to get a story every week, like I said it's getting old. He is another great actor but his skills aren't being showcased as much as they should. The whole Natalie and Noel thing was kind of annoying but in the end it was sweet to see how much she cared for him, but we all know that's not gonna last. All in all the show seems to be heading in the right direction but how familar does next weeks story sound? More later, if my computer allows it.

Sunday, October 15

What do you think of the new season of Felicity? Go vote at, 50% say it's the best.

You can download the new Felicity theme song at Felicity's World. I guess it's for those of you who just can't get enough of it. Also new at Felicity's World, a news-updater-scroller-type thingie. It's on the mainpage and my poor little computer can barely handle it but it's nice.